Door Seals, Weatherseals & Draught Proofing Products


We are a UK company stocking professional quality door seals and sash window seals from top manufacturers for Aluminium, uPVC, frameless glass and timber framed doors and sash or other windows. The stock range includes replacement seals for sash windows and many multi function seals types, including combined acoustic / smoke seals.

We can supply door seals and low profile threshold plates that are 'wheelchair friendly' and comply with Approved Document M and DDA requirements.

Manufacturers include RAVEN™Schlegel Aquamac™, Stormguard™ and Astrodraft™ so, whether the job is door seals for a timber framed listed building, sliding seals for aluminium or uPVC patio doors or replacement sash window seals we can probably supply the suitable top quality product.


Multi-function door seals

The prime function of door draughtproofing seals is to conserve energy and improve comfort levels, however, we also supply seals engineered to have additional certified capabilities for noise reduction or fire / smoke sealing. We stock most of the Raven™ seals range - industry leaders in multi-function door seals.

Draftproofing is part of the Stormflame Group