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ASTROdraft: Draught Proofing and Acoustic Seals - Product Index

Sash Window & Patio Door Sliding Seals

Sash window seal
Patio door seal
Imply sliding seal

A range of seals specifically designed for sliding applications. Parting bead is a low friction seal designed for the verticals of box sash windows, Carrier Pile seals are suitable for patio doors and Imply seal for the top, bottom and meeting rail of doors.



Door and Glazing Seals

Acoustic Audio Seal

P profile glazing seal
Self adhesive seals
Acoustic Perimeter Seal

Surface fixed self-adhesive glazing seals for doors and windows.


Weather bar

Waterbar - door bottom seal

Weatherbar / Waterbar seal to stop the ingress of rainwater under exterior doors.


Acoustic & Smoke Perimeter Seals

Smoke & Acoustic Perimeter Seal - Single Fin Type
Smoke & Acoustic Perimeter Seal - Twin Fin Type

Self-adhesive acoustically rated door perimeter seals with a cold smoke seal rating


Silver Meeting Stile Seals

Door Perimeter Seal

An acoustic meeting stile seal for single or double door actions


Acoustic Double Door Seals

Acoustic Seal for Double Doors
Acoustic Seal for Double Doors - Quad Flipper

Acoustic Perimeter Seal & Draught Seal. Surface fit and Rebate fit types. Sound reduction up to 36dB.


Door Bottom Seals
(Rebate fitting)


Acoustically designed seal for rebated applications. Sound reduction of up Rw 38dB. Automatic 'drop down' sealing action.

Door Bottom Seals
(Face fitting)

Acoustic Door Bottom Seal - Surface Mount Type

Acoustically designed seal for rebated applications. Sound reduction of Rw 37 decibels. Automatic sealing action.



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