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Brush Seals & Weatherbar

Nylon Brush Seals for Draughtproofing Doors

Astrodraft LogoSweep Action Door Seal in 'h' Carrier.


Brush Strip Weatherseal


These brush seals use aluminium 'h' section carrier holding a black brush pile for draughtproofing the bottom of a door.

The brush is a durable, high quality black nylon material. Brush piles depths available are 22mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm.

The brush strip is available in either 914 mm or 2134 mm lengths and is easily trimmed to exact door width.

Prices range from £5.75 to £20.95 (ex vat) depending on strip size and finish.

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Seal Options



Weatherbar / Waterbar seal to stop the ingress of rainwater under exterior doors.
Conserve energy, block draughts and reduce intrusive noise with a single product.


Astrodraft Logo Weatherstop WS Seal

Weatherbar with compression seal.


weatherbar seal dimensions


Groove Width: 6mm
Groove Depth: 9mm
Fitted Seal Height: 12mm


This weatherbar offers an improved weather performance over galvanised and plain plastic alternatives in the market and, with a built-in flexible flipper, will offer excellent long last protection.

A robust design to withstand extremes of weather and general foot traffic.

Product Details
Suits Gaps: 2mm - 6mm
Standard Colours: Brown Only

Lengths of 3m (ADWS04BX) or 914mm (ADWS04BX/914) lengths

weatherbar properties

Symbol guide

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£3.81 (ex vat) per 914mm length | £12.50 (ex vat) per 3m length.

Seal Length

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