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Raven door seals do more than weatherproof doors and the quality is excellent. Many door seals in the Raven range are multipurpose so that the needs of Building Regulations for fire control, energy saving and mobility (Approved Documents B, E and M)  can be met with a single seal or combination of seals and threshold plates.

Buy it once -  Do it once - Buy Raven.

Where sealing noise out (or in) is an important consideration Raven seals also have certified acoustic properties. To see testing and UK Building Regulations information follow this link, Raven Seals' Standards Compliance.


Keep your building draught free with our range of top quality glass door seals from Raven. With everything from Clear polycarbonate astragal seals to draught excluder strips. All of our glass door seals are available at affordable prices, so they can improve the energy efficiency of your building in a simple, cost effective manner.

Installation of our glass door seals is easy too. Here at Astrodraft, we’re the experts when it comes to glass door seals, so if you have any questions just ask our team of experts. With fast delivery options available you can have your seals installed in no time.

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Approved Document 'M' states, "reasonable provision is to be made for people to gain access to and use the building and its facilities" and is the most contemporary design guidance published. These regulations affect all new buildings and extensions to existing buildings. Under Approved Document 'M' routes from the exterior across the threshold should provide weather protection and not present a barrier for wheelchair users or a trip hazard for other users.

A level threshold is preferred, especially for doors in frequent use. External and internal door thresholds should be no higher than 15mm and incorporate chamfered or pencil rounded corners. Vertical surfaces should be no greater than 5mm. Doorsets designated as fire and smoke resisting are subjected to the additional burden of smoke seal resistance, and crucially 'resistance' to a mechanical door closing device.

Raven door sealing solutions not only make access easier but also offer minimum resistance for effective door operation. Where thresholds or door bottom seals are particularly suitable for use in an inclusive environment, products are denoted with a wheelchair symbol. Related links: UK Planning Portal - Approved Document M

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Raven multipurpose door bottom seals designed for general weatherproofing and draught proofing applications. Common forms comprise sweep seals that have an aluminium holder with a flexible strip of rubber or brush strip mounted to the door bottom. They are designed to sweep across the floor or engage a raised threshold plate so they clear the floor as the door opens.

Automatic door bottom seals are mechanically spring loaded seals that lift clear of the floor as the door opens and seal tight when the door is closed. Automatic door bottom seals can be face mounted and some models can be fully concealed. They operate over uneven floor surfaces and like sweep seals can be used with Raven threshold plates that offer added protection against rain infiltration where doorways may be exposed to more severe weather conditions.

Most Raven door bottom seals are easily adjusted after installation without removing the door. This ensures an optimum seal is achieved and maximum performance is maintained in the event of minor building movement.

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Raven acoustic seals provide an excellent barrier to airborne sound and help ensure that the acoustic attenuation provided by a doorset (the frame and doorleaf along with the seals) is, in many cases, equivalent to the wall or partition into which it is installed.

Raven acoustic seals also help isolate buildings from external noise, for example, from the noise generated from roads, railways and airports and help isolate rooms from airborne noise, for example; from plant and machinery, theatres, cinemas, creches, dental and doctor's surgeries, stairwells, passages, interconnected hotel rooms and adjoining apartments.

Under the requirements of Approved Document E several  regulations need to be considered in relation to specifying doorsets and acoustic seals - a minimum Rw29 is required.  Raven acoustic seals meet or exceed this requirement.

Raven acoustic seals are widely used internationally in airports, hotels, offices, hospitals, homes and schools.

There are special acoustic requirements for schools set out in  Building Bulletin 93, these being:

Type of Space used by Students

All spaces except Music Rooms

Music Rooms

Wall including Glazing Doorset

40 dB/Rw

45 dB/Rw


30 dB/Rw

35 dB/Rw

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Door frame and perimeter seals are designed for the gap between the door and the frame (up and down the jamb and across the head of the door) are termed door frame seals or perimeter seals.

These are generally compression seals. Some are mounted on the door stop or directly onto a plain frame of the door, thereby providing a door stop seal. Some seals can be fitted to the door or neatly rebated into the frame itself.

Many Raven perimeter seals have some degree of adjust-ability and can be adjusted after installation without removing the door or window. This ensures an optimum seal is achieved and maximum performance is maintained in the event of minor building movement.

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Astragal is a term used for the seal that seals the central join between two swinging doors, the join being known as the ‘meeting stile’. A number of extra problems have to be faced when sealing a meeting stile. These include whether or not the seal will interfere with the centre latch, door closers, flush bolts and bottom seals.

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If you are installing or repairing refrigeration or similar door seals. Draftproofing.com stock a range of Raven Magnetic door seals. Stop the escape of cool air from your refrigeration or similar units. Magnetic door seals for refrigeration and similar uses available in many lengths and finishes.

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The versatility of brush strip and ease of installation makes it particularly suitable for sealing difficult applications such as sliding, revolving, pivot and roll-up doors. Effective against smoke, odours, draughts, dust, insects and light:  Helps retain the set temperature in air conditioned environments.

Brush strip sealing is recognised as solving draught problems where heavy duty use is required in areas such as public transport applications. Tests have proved that minimal wear occurs with prolonged use to either brush or contact surfaces. 

Dense black nylon bristles are locked into a galvanised steel strip which is then generally fitted into an aluminium holder.  The aluminium holder will take all bristle lengths, and the adhesive PVC foam tape is standard on most aluminium holders.

Note: Raven use nylon filament due to its significantly superior performance over cheaper materials such as polypropylene in these applications. Raven nylon brush strip withstands temperatures up to 200°C for 30 minutes without significant deterioration.

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Stop draughts and rattles with superior Raven quality self adhesive seals for door (and window) frames.

The compression seals (RP48, RP55, RP59, RP108) are manufactured from soft EPDM material, chosen for it's excellent weathering properties and fit between the door stop and frame. The RP61 sliding door seal is manufactured from woven polypropylene.

Quick and easy to fit. Sold in coils for cutting to exact lengths required.

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