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DDA compliant low profile door threshold plates

Raven Products logo    Low Profile Threshold Plates by Raven.

Raven threshold plates and perimeter seals save energy and the low profile threshold types conform to Approved Document M requirements originating in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) legislation for access to buildings.

Our range of threshold plates and seals is regularly updated so please call us if you do not find the type you need.

Under the DDA provisions service providers have to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to the way they deliver their services so that disabled people can use them.

Low profile threshold plates are designed to facilitate the free movement of wheels be they on a wheelchair, buggy, pram, trolley, sack truck etc.

Low profile threshold plates

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  Raven RP82 Raven RP13 Raven RP95  
  Raven RP82 Raven RP13 Raven RP95  
Raven RP19
Raven RP66 Raven RP77
Raven RP19 Raven RP66 Raven RP77
Two of these bacl to back make a mini ramp.
Raven RP98
Raven RP97  
Raven RP97si    
Raven RP115  
Raven RP115    
Raven RP117  
Raven RP117Si    


Raven threshold  seal -RP117si



The Raven RP117Si is a weather proof threshold plate and seal suited to outward opening broad butt hinged doors. Its ideal for use with a panic type exit device (supplied by others).



Door sills. (broad butt hinged recommended)

Seal Sizes
Available in 1000 and 2000mm stock lengths.

Standard Finish
Anodised Satin Clear.

Fixing Method
Zinc plated, cross recess head CSK S.T. screws of the appropriate size and colour are supplied, or it can be fastened with builders adhesive for concealed fixing.

Used in conjunction
Raven door frame seals and suitable panic type exit
devices. (By others)

Seal Material
Silicon Rubber (SE) (charcoal).

Replacement Seal RP308Si.

Access & Mobility
UK/EU: Conforms to Approved Document M and DDA requirements.

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