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Raven Threshold Seals


These hard wearing threshold seals by Raven Products are designed to weatherproof the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door.

Most Raven seals are multi function. As well as weatherproofing and draughtproofing door thresholds some door seals are rated as fire seals, smoke seals and acoustic seals. Check the symbol guide at the shop for a seal to match your exact application. The product codes used below are from the Raven catalogue.

Raven Door Threshold Seals

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Raven Automatic Threshold Seals

Spring-loaded, self levelling seals providing acoustic and thermal insulation. When the door is opened a few millimeters the seals lift clear to ensure easy door operation. Some door seal types offer protection from fire and smoke as well as acoustic insulation.

Raven acoustic door seals help isolate buildings from external noise as well as controlling interior noise transmission. Raven seals are widely used internationally in airports, hotels, offices, hospitals, homes and schools.

Under the requirements of Approved Document E a minimum sound reduction of Rw29 is required. Raven acoustic door seals meet or exceed this requirement.

Click on a drawing below to view a detailed specification sheet and prices at the shop.

Raven RP8 Automatic Threshold Seal
Raven RP38 Automatic Threshold Seal Raven RP60 Automatic Threshold Seal Raven RP70 Automatic Threshold Seal Raven  RP92 Automatic Threshold Seal Raven RP99 Automatic Threshold Seal




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