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Schlegel Door & Window Seals - Aquamac : Q-Lon : Sharkseal


Registered trademark of Schlegel CorporationSchlegel are market leaders in perimeter sealing technology and manufacture high quality and innovative door and window seals.

Schlegel seals comply with all relevant British Standards performance standards and are designed to last.

The Aquamac range is specifically for timber frame applications, having a paint and stain resistant design that makes decorative maintenance quicker and easier.

The Q-Lon range on the other hand is designed to be over painted or stained, for décor matching, without this affecting the performance of the seal.

The Sharkseal range is designed for sliding applications, such as patio doors or sliding windows and there is also a version suitable for fitting where the attachment area is very narrow.

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For more product details please follow the appropriate Schlegel link below.

Schlegel icon AQUAMAC - for timber frames Aquamac 89

Schlegel icon Q-LON - door and window seals Q-Lon 21

Schlegel icon Sharkseal - for sliding applications Schlegel Sharkseal

Qlon and Aquamac - Foam Sliding Seals Q-Lon & Aquamac Information


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