Schlegel Door & Window Seals

Schlegel are market leaders in perimeter sealing technology and manufacture high quality and innovative door and window seals.

Schlegel seals comply with all relevant British Standards performance standards and are designed to last.

The Aquamac range is specifically for timber frame applications, having a paint and stain resistant design that makes decorative maintenance quicker and easier.

The Q-Lon range on the other hand is designed to be over painted or stained, for décor matching, without this affecting the performance of the seal.

The Sharkseal range is designed for sliding applications, such as patio doors or sliding windows and there is also a version suitable for fitting where the attachment area is very narrow.


Schlegel's AQUAMAC Weatherseal stays looking good for years, its water repellent foam is unaffected by rot, mould or mildew and will not freeze to mating surfaces. The unique design makes Aquamac impervious to paint and stain, which can be a big time saver when it comes to decorative maintenance. AQUAMAC maintains consistently high standards of energy efficiency, often exceeding any long-term window performance guarantees.


AQUAMAC Features:


  • IMPERVIOUS TO PAINT AND STAIN - reducing decoration maintenance costs.

  • Available in various colours.

  • Compensates for window movement.

  • Conforms to BS644 / BBA approved.

  • Doesn't shrink or stretch, even in extreme climatic conditions.

  • Excellent memory - retains its original shape for a consistently high standard of weatherseal.

  • Exceptional performance maintained over a wide temperature range.

  • High wear resistance reduces wear and tear.

  • Immune to the effects of UV light and ozone.

  • Lower insertion forces speed up fitting by 15%.

  • More environmentally friendly - CFC free

  • Outstanding energy efficiency.

  • Stays looking good for years.

  • Aquamac is manufactured using a water repellent foam that is unaffected by rot, mould or mildew and will not freeze to mating surfaces.

  • The Schlegel brand is now owned by ERA: there is more Schlegel product information on their website.

We sell in 100m lengths only (except Aquamac 89) but this works out at at a very competitive price per metre for tradesmen using Aquamac over several jobs. Aquamac product codes changed from AQ00 to QL0000 format a while back. Both codes are shown on each product. 


All of the Aquamac seals below can be bought online using WorldPay or PayPal secure payments.


Q-LON door seals can be painted or stained. Q-LON seals have a minimum 10  year lifespan : Low friction characteristics : 7386 conformity : BS5750 quality guaranteed. Seal performance is not affected by over-painting : Specially designed with a low closing force for ease of operation. Flexible secondary seal - second line of defence against weather, noise or dust intrusion.

Colours show are approximations due to the limitations of scanning and web presentation technology, however these seals are designed to be painted or stained for colour matching purposes.  All seal drawings are from Schlegel who advise that dimensions are presented in mm and are nominal.

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Schlegel Sharkseal low friction - ideal for sliding applications  : Reduced closing forces for ease of operation. Polypropylene pile with "Finseal". Tough PVC-u Box Carrier - slimline size for fitting to narrow window frames

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