Stormguard At The Front Of Weather Protection

Stormguard is a family run company established in Macclesfield in 1810. We are now the leader in the UK in the manufacture and supply of rain and draught excluders for doors and windows.

Good quality, functional, cost effective products and services and commitment to our customers. Stormgaurd has investment alot in draught technology and other proofing systems. Draftproofing sell the following Stormgaurd products door seals, bottom door seals, thresholds sills, foam and EPDM self adhesive seals and letter box covers. 

Door Seals

Huge range of good quality, functional, cost effective Stormguard products at low trade prices. Draftproofing supply a wide range of seals for the bottom of a door and around the door, along with letterplates.

Self Adhesive Foam Seals

A range of self adhesive foam seals for doors or windows that are easy to use and install. Seal those gaps that can save you energy costs, fill gaps up to 3mm. Seals sold up to 15 meter lengths.


Stormguard's innovative research and development team has designed a comprehensive range of high performance thresholds for all types of door sets made in the UK and Ireland for domestic, social and commercial use. With an extensive selection of thresholds that meet disabled and easy access requirements for Part M of the building regulations for mobility, PAS 24 performance testing, BS6375-1:2009 and Part Q of the building regulations 2010 secure by design. 

Stormguard meet all requirements for inward and outward opening single doors, as well as double doors and sidelight frames. High performance materials with stylish design and UK-based manufacture, low maintenance features.

Insulating Products

Insulate outside items such as garage doors. A selection of Stormguard products that are quick and easy to fit.