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Tesa Draught Excluder

A clever design that's easy to fit. The Tesa Draught Excluder slips under the draughty door.

No adhesives, no screws, no sawing.

Unpack it, trim to length, slide into place, put your feet up.

Fills big gaps if need be - accomodates under door gaps of up to 22mm (approx 1 inch).

Tesa will fit most domestic door sizes.

Perfect for 'active' doors: no bending and stooping to reposition the draught excluder every time you open the door.

Removes without a trace come summer.

The Tesa draught excluder is best suited to doors opening over smooth floor surfaces.

For indoor and outdoor use.

Buy two or more and get the best value for the delivery charge.

TESA under door draught excluder.

Fitting a Tesa draught excluder under a door.

Buy a Tesa now £5.99 ex vat.

Tesa works best on smooth surfaces like parquet, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, vinyls, laminates and similar.

So simple to fit - cut to required length with a sharp utility knife or strong, sharp scissors and slip under the door.

Supplied as a nominal 950mm length (may be up to 1000mm). Typical domestic door widths range from 762mm to 863mm..

Tesa colours: neutral grey and dark blue shades, as illustrated.


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