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Portable Wheelchair Access Ramps

Wheelchair threshold ramp Portable rubber threshold ramp by Raven Products.Portable access ramp - smaller version.

Improve Wheelchair AccessPortable rubber threshold ramps from Raven Products to improve access for wheelchairs, walking frames, sack trucks, baby buggies etc.

Manufactured from slip resistant recycled rubber and maintenance free.

For schools, nurseries etc the ramp's soft surface can be a useful asset.

Both ramps exceed the BSI 800mm minimum width recommendation for portable ramps.

Ramp gradient is 1:8

Raven Portable Rubber  Theshold Ramp Dimensions.


The larger ramp (ADRPA050), in particular, is suitable for permanent installation using an appropriate construction adhesive. Ramps can be trimmed to height required as shown below.

How to trim the rubber ramp height

Essential Product Details
Model ADRPA025 : £99.99 : 1010mm wide x 200mm deep x 25mm high - 3.5kg
Model ADRPA050 : £124.99 : 1140mm wide x 400mm deep x 50mm high - 12.5kg

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Access Ramp Model


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